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Anne Davis

Hi Jadae,
I think all that practice with your good friends really helped you all improve! It's fun learning with friends. I'm not sure I understand your emdomg question. Proofread it and see if you can make it a little clearer. I really love the way you are learning and sharing your thoughts so that we can help each other.

It takes two to tango! Have you ever heard that expression? Use the idioms dictionary if you are unsure.

Keep on blogging!
Mrs. Davis

Bronwyn G

Well done all of you for projecting your voices. It was much clearer than the last podcast you all did together and I could hear the improvement.

It is a big achievement for you all. Like Mrs Davis, the Queen of Blogging, said, it is much, much sweeter when you can share blogging and podcasting with good friends.

Bronwyn "the un-fairy princess".

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