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Bronwyn G

Getting all As is a good goal. Getting it by listening is even better. What are some things you might do to help you listen? Sometimes when you take notes you miss important things (well, I do) and therefore you might have to have some strategies.

Studying rocks in science is very interesting. You get to learn about how old the Earth and other planets are, for instance. You learn a lot about the environment. Do you know about three different types of rocks and how they formed, or that some formed out of volcanoes? Also, it's important to study ahead and have knowledge of your other subjects, not just rocks. Science is a very wide-ranging area and it's a great area for curiosity's sake. If you are curious, you might make a great scientist. And don't forget to study maths too. And English to write clearly, which is what you're doing in this weblog.

I hope you get excited about the new things you're learning.

My New Years' Resolution is to study hard, too.

Mrs. Emmert

What a great resolution to make, Jadae! I can tell you are working hard in school (and listening during science class). What is your favorite subject?


For your info I have alot of talents


I hope you get straight A's

Bronwyn G

Dear Mimi,

What do you hope to do this New Year? I hope Graciela gets straight As too. What sort of resolution would you like to keep and why?


Dear Bronwyn G,

I hope to save money in case there is no food in the house. My resolution is to also save money to go to soccer camp.

Bronwyn G

I like the idea of saving money for soccer camp. Are you good at soccer, Mimi? I hope you make new friends there and develop your soccer skills. How long have you been playing soccer?

Very good idea for saving money in case there is no food in the house. A lot of us can't do without the basic necessities. For now, you can save by buying home brands vs. expensive home brands. That's what my family does. What about being self-sufficient in your own garden or a community garden? Then you will always have food the whole year around. How's that for a New Years' resolution. Maybe around Easter and spring you could plan out a garden.


Dear Derrick, you don't have any talents.Okay!!!!!!!


Dear Mrs. Emmert,
My favorite subject is sciece,math, social study.

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