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I think it is very nice of you to think about others before you. You are a very generous person.

Bronwyn G

All that "bothering" their parents produces great tools for communication and social interaction. I do think sometimes that toys get in the way of bonding with parents and siblings, and create competition among friends. Especially grown-up toys like cars and yachts and houses that we see in the very rich! So I try not to give my cousins or children to whom I am close toys. Their parents can do that, or perhaps an organisation which is more disinterested than I.

As for what I would give to the world (good topic by the way!), I would give my time, my ideas and my experience. Thank you.

Great persuasive argument by the way! I liked that about your piece. It convinced me that toys were a good idea, and then it made me reconsider my opinion. That's another gift you have given the world. Thank you.

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