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Bronwyn G

Yes I think your writing is fun to read.

I like the way you showed the changes in a writer as he or she uses the six traits of writing.

Well done, Graciela!


Brownie G.,
I tried very hard to make this post fun to read. I especially like the part when I wrote a dull strange story, then I changed it and made it happy and fun to read. Did you like the first or second story?

Anne Davis

Wow, Graciela,
I am sure glad that I kept on reading because I have learned a lot from this most excellent post. You have given such good tips and I had fun reading each and every one! If you could give up and coming fifth graders suggestions for "writing to learn" what would they be?

I think your writing is the cat's meow!

Mrs. Davis

Bronwyn G


I liked the second story better as it had more ideas and content, and flow (what's the trait of writing? Ah, yes, sentence fluency!).


Brownie G.
I guess anybody that has read this post thinks it is interesting. Do you think so Brownie G. Brownie G. I hope people can understand the post although its a little messed up. Brownie g. Do you think "The Six Traits of Writing" are important in writing? Why Do you think so Brownie G.


hi grace this is chela you have a nice blog ok

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