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Anne Davis

Hi Graciela,
It is wonderful to see you gaining confidence. Your hard work is paying off!

The questions you ask the students to ask should make their writing "pop out"! I like that expression. I get a picture in my head of colorful words dancing around and having fun. I use the expression "Let's bump up our writing!" It's fun to play with language. Do you enjoy having fun with words?

I think you have shown lots of improvement yourself! Keep it up!

Mrs. Davis


Mrs. Davis, I really enjoyed being podcasted. I feel really glad that I got to actually give advice to the wonderul students in Miss Neville's class. I was really excited. I hope that we will soon be podcasted again. Maybe if we did get podcasted again, I would like the topic to be about our pets. Did you enjoy podcasting us? Did you like the first time you podasted us or the first time?

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