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Bronwyn G

Graciela, I'm in two minds really. I like podcasting and interviewing. I must say I would give the slight edge over interviewing because at least it's face to face. You can see the person and feel their reactions. Other people might like podcasting, because of the reverse factor.

The answers to your questions:

My favourite hobby is reading.

I was born in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia; and my birthday is March the 21st 1983.

I like the bob and the plait the best. Also I like the topsytail.

Mrs. Meeler

You are right in the sense that podcasting and interviewing is similar. You can do a podcasting interview where you record the entire interview and then we post it on the blog. But you can also use podcasting in other ways too. Do you remember when we listened the students in Scotland reading their poems? That is podcasting too. Can you think of something else we can do with podcasting besides an interview?

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