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I like getting comments, too. It makes me feel good to know that people like my writing! How about you?
Thanks for the comment on my blog. I wrote the poem for a handwriting assignment, so it wasn't to hard to write. I like writing poems, though. I've written a few. But they are so hard to rhyme!!! :)

Ms. Roper

Getting comments on a blog is thrilling. It shows that someone has read what you have written. That they have connected with it in a way that makes them want to respond.
Comments from the students of JHH are my favorite. My blog allows me to share more health & fitness information with my students and find out what you all enjoy doing in class. It is also very exciting to get comments from people outside of JHH.


Chloe, yes i do love getting comments. It makes me feel like I have godd friends.

Bronwyn G

Chloe, many of the best poems in the world don't rhyme. Many poems have internal rhythm. In fact, my poetry teacher told me when I rhyme, I am very glib in my ideas. That wasn't very nice, but it was true. Try writing a non-rhyming poem and see how it feels and how it stands up.

I like to receive comments from students who have read my blog and enjoy it, and also teachers who like to use ideas. My favourite comment was probably from Anne Davis, because she has opened up the world for me so much.

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