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I do love animals, the mean a lot to me. One day I would love to be a veternarian or an animal photographer. Do you like animals?


Hi Graciela,
I did not read much of your blog but it looked really good.
I can not wait to read another one.


Bronwyn G

I have a funny relationship with animals, Graciela. I do like them, but I've really never been close to them. I'm getting over a fear of dogs and realising some are actually quite nice. As for cats, I like them because they're more like me.


This was a fantastic blog! If I had seen this article written in a magazine I would have bought it. It was very informative. My son and I really love animals and he has a special fondness for cats(especially our three at home). Have you ever seen the National Geographic program about cats called Natural Born Killers? I think you would enjoy it very much. What is your favorite kind of cat? I think besides our three girls I would have to say Tigers are my favorite. Have you ever seen Two Brothers? It is a very touching story about a family of Tigers. If you haven't seen it be sure to get your parent's to rent it. i think you'll really like the story.

Graciela Ines Ramirez Alton

I love animals and espechelly
dogs and a litle cats.

Graciela Ines Ramirez Alton

I love animals and espechelly
dogs and a litle cats.

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A 2010 study published in Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution has given insight into the exact evolutionary relationships of the big cats. The study reveals that the Snow leopard and the tiger are sister species, while the lion, leopard, and jaguar are more closely related to each other. The tiger and snow leopard diverged from the ancestral big cats approximately 3.9 Ma. The tiger then evolved into a unique species towards the end of the Pliocene epoch, approximately 3.2 Ma.

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I think You should add some videos and take off the picture of them humping thats disgusting.

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This history about cats is perfect because I like cats I have a Persa cat he's beautiful and naughty, that's the reason I feel identify with this cat's history.


Oh hell!!! You are just too cool man. I never knew that there could be something better to know about than from this piece of article. I shall have this forwarded to all my friends and even my dad, I am sure they too shall enjoy reading this piece.


I have been following your blog since a while and I must say you are stupendous. Although I might have not commented in any of your previous articles, I truly believe they all were amazing.

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What an idea,

Great tips, I would like to join your blog anyway,

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