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Mrs. Meeler

If I could interview anyone at all I think I would interview President George W. Bush. I would ask him questions regarding Eduction in the United States, the War on Terror, and our economy.

What if you could interview one of your teachers? Which one would you like to interview? What questions would you like to ask them? Would you like to do an interview for a post?


I like to do both sing and act.And I love RBD.Great weblog.


I like to do both sing and act.And I love RBD.Great weblog.


Thanks for the comment! I like your article, too, but I don't like the Cheetah Girls to much. You are a good writer, though!! I liked how you gave examples of the questions that you would ask the Cheetah Girls! ;)

Anne Davis

Hi Graceila and Mrs. Meeler!
Interviewing is a great idea for a post. I did that with the NewsQuest group at JHH. We were not able to get times to interview the teachers so we turned it around. The students developed questions they would like to ask, then answered them as though they were the teacher. Students worked in pairs. We had great fun! We wrote disclaimers and everything. Then we invited the teacher and the class in to read the post with us. They had fun and graded us on how close the kids came to getting the answers correct. Everybody laughed and had a good time! At the same time we sure learned a lot. The interview is on the student blogs that are listed on the NewsQuest site at http://anvil.gsu.edu/NewsQuest

Keep up your great blogging, Graciela!

Mrs. Davis

Mrs. Meeler

That sounds like a great idea! Hopefully we will have time to do this too! Thanks!


Miara, what other kinds of singers do you like? If you got the chance to interview that person or people who would that person or people be?

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