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Great post, Graciela! I wish everyone cared for the Earth as much as you obviously do. You gave good reasons for caring about the Earth. I hope lots of people read this post.

Yes, I think the school should keep on recycling paper. I think they recycle printing cartridges, too. That's a good thing. Are there other things we should be doing to take care of our Earth?

Mrs. Davis


hi I realy like your weblog.Ilove the colors you put on the words and what you said in it.


I recycle and I think it is good to recycle. Becuase less trees will be cut down.


I know you recycle and that it is a very important job for you and the school.I am glad I have a friend that cares a lot about recycling. What other things do you think we should to help Earth

Mrs. Hooper

I was so impressed with the concern you have for our Earth. More adults should be thinking the same as you. You are absolutely correct when you say that we depend on the earth and its resources like water and trees as much as they depend on us. Thank you for being the kind of good citizen who takes care of everything around us.

Mr. Brune


Our school has recycling trash cans in each classroom. But what happens to us is that it only takes one student to put something in the can that isn't paper and it spoils the whole can. Often our custodians then won't separate the trash (I can't blame them) so the whole can goes in the garabage. It's amazing that it takes EVERYONE to make something like recycling successful!

I enjoyed your writing! I will be sure to visit often!

Mr. Brune


Dear Graciela,
Thats a great article.I am here to tell you about what i wrote in my article. I chose that one because our class was looking at interesting articles in CBCnews. So i chose that article becuase i thought it was interesting.And now i am going to telk about your article.I think you are right about that.I do think that people should not cut down trees.ok bye :)

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