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Mrs. Tobler

You have such a mature point of view about testing! Many students are not able to see the benefits of testing because it is often so uncomfortable.
I don't really like the fact that students have to take standardized tests; however, the results really do tell all of us some good information.
I am glad that students like you are always willing to do their best, even when asked to do something that they don't like to do.


I think you are right.For me it is like the greatest thing taking a test! I hope everybody thinks like you.


I think the same way as you, but I don't like tests. I do think we should take the tests though.


Maira, thank you alot for your compliment.We both have something in common and it's liking taking tests.But, I definetly don not like taking major tests that take like two hours.What are your least and favorite kind of tests?



I think you are right.Taking a test is like the greatest thing!I hope everybody thinks the same thing.


i hope every one has a great career , not just the ones who don't pay attention in class but many other and i don't really like tests.


I think that in a way you are right. Schools have a right to give us a test to see our progress and to see how much we've learned and what we still need help on. But I have many friends who are great in school and get good grades but they get stressed out when they have a test and they end up doing really badly.

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