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Anne Davis

Hi Graciela,
I found this interview to be quite interesting to read. I am curious though as to what you think about it and what reflections you have about what you learned. I found the comparison of penquins to humans of great interest. Maybe we humans could take some lessons from them on being loyal and enduring couples. I wonder if there are other ways they are similar to humans. Interviews are a great way to learn. If you were going to interview someone who would you choose and why would you make that choice?
Mrs. Davis


If I had to choose to interview someone and why, It will be because I care alot about that person.I would like to interview my brother.It may seem very stange but he is a very nice,and caring brother.And he always does his best to make me smile.Who would you interview and why?


Intresting, long, thought provoking. Your doing FINE!

Anne Davis

I would like to interview Hillary Clinton. The reason is that there are rumors that she may run for President and I would love to get her answers on what issues she would make a top priority.

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