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Mrs. Meeler

Well Mrs. Goode, I don't know how tuneful I am - but your new weblog makes me want to sing! You did an excellent job on your first post, and I look forward to reading and commenting to it all year!

Anne Davis

Now I am so excited! You will be a terrific blogger! The kids are going to love this! I love it! OK, here goes....this is the tune humming away in my head!

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
My, oh my what a musical day!
Plenty of "Goode" posts heading our way
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay

Hip-hip-hooray, it's a wonderful day!

Moises Mendez

HI My name is moises I very Happy We Have A music Taecher. Is kind of fun Having New stuff in music.I guess you are having fun.


Mrs.Goode Are you shy or excited about your knew weblog. If I was doing my own weblog I would be shy.Do you know how much letters you are going to get? Well I have to go bye.


I think you are the best music teacher ever.Don't think I'm trying to get super star because I'm not okay.


I think that this is good for Mrs.Goode cauase now she can talk to all of the kids and they can tal to her. Mrs.Mrs Goode is a good teacher and she is really super , nice , sweet andshe does not get mad at you hardley .


I think that your first letter was great.well, Im going to answer one of your question.I do make up song,but not during my homework.I have a book that me and my cousen made for our songs.I'll try to bring it if i remember.

p.s. Are you nourbes of your first letter.

Mrs. McCullers

I love to sing and am caught humming a tune or belting one our quite often in my classroom. Here's one just for you:

I feel "Goode!" I knew that I would.
I fee--eel "Goode!" I knew that I would.
So "Goode" So "Goode" I get to teach with you!


MRS.Goode I like your room this year you are a grate tercher and


I bet you are excited. I hope you have a good year with weblogging.


I like to listen to your music. It sounds really beautiful! I wish I could have it. I like to play the drums. Have a happy new year!!!

angelica sepulveda

I have been humming a song when I 'm doing my homework. My sister Mayra likes to sing alot. I don't really like to sing . I like hearing the music but not singing it.Itwas fun readig your comments and reading the comments kids and teachers send you.

Paul Smith

COME ON I NEED THE LYRICS OF "Share Your Goodwill" PLEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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