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Ahmad Jones

I like your ideas of teamwork. And how you make the students buy in to it.


Hi Mrs. Roper thankyou for the comment that you made. I think you shoud do better keeping them quite. That is all

Emily from cms!

Hey this sounds like fun maybe you can explain it to me Mrs.Roper! P.S. This is Emily one of your old students! GO CMS!

College Student from Kansas

I think teaching "Teamwork" is a great idea. You use this in everyday life. Sounds like you had a successful activity once the kids figured out how to accomplish the task. Nice Job!!


Thank you for your blog.


I just wanted to say I appreciate a blog that focuses on P.E. They are few and far between in the blogoverse. Also the teamwork activity sounds like a great way to get the message across that teamwork.....works!
Thanks again (from a soon to be teacher!)

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