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I have to tell you I love this blog! And I love how you are getting the input of the students and teachers. Here's my opinion - I think we could have PE every day through the regular classrooms - say a quick warm up before a class, a quick walk around the halls or building, quiet exercises in the classroom. I think this would help the teachers because it would stimulate the circulation, increasing oxygen and nutrients to the brain, prevent classroom boredom, I believe quick exercises would make children more alert and happy and healthy. Everyone is so creative at House - brainstorm a list of quick "PE activities" that mesh with learning and the classrooms. That's my opinion and I'm sticking with it.

Robin J

I agree that physical fitness is very important for our young ones but it doesn't seem like it would be beneficial if other programs were omitted. Doesn't most of the responsibility for a child's daily physical activity belong to the parents, anyway? It should. Even if they have PE on a daily basis and then come home and sit in front of the television for the rest of the day how is this going to instill good health practices. Parents really need to step up and change routines at home. I don't know...it feels as if the government and school officials don't trust parent's to make wise, healthy decisions for our children. While I don't necessarily disagree with implementing a little more physical activity in the children's school program it just seems unfair if any other programs were cut. Isn't it just as important for children to learn to appreciate music and art? These can be as beneficial to the mind and soul as exercise is to the body, and technology is something our children need to acquire skills for in our present society.

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