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Ms.Rooper I enjoy your revolution
DDR and P.E rocks.

Lesley Hunley

Ms. Roper,
I am a preservice elementary school teacher at the College of William & Mary in Virginia and I just wanted to compliment you on what you have done with your blog! I am so impressed with your whole school and the community approach to blogging. My goal is to become a PE teacher in the elementary grades and reading about issues surrounding physical education in your blog has been really interesting. Reading students' comments was interesting as well. Thanks for producing such a wonderful blog and putting something out there for us 'aspriring teachers' to aspire to!


I really love PE. It's really fun. Dance Dance Revolution just made it better. I'm sad that I won't see you anymore.

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Never really got into the game, myself. Not really sure why, but its just...blah to me.

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