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I have only gotten 2 feet. I hope I get atleast 10 by the end of the year. What do you think should be the goal of the students?


By the end of the year the school will have about 4,071. Thats a lot of feet!

Ms. Roper

Great question Jose-Juan. You are turning the tables and making me think. I love that!
I like your personal goal of 10. It is a realistic goal and I am certain you will reach it!
I hope that the boys and girls of JHH are able to get a foot after every 4th class they use the pedometers. (That means you would need to get 2500 steps a class. And I know you can all do that!)


I think the whole school will get over 5,500 feet because there are over 550 students in school x 10 feet each = 5,500 feet.


I do like the idea of having P.E for 30 minutes.Thats a great idea!


I think that it would be great to
have every day P.E.it would be fun.


I like the idea to get 30 minutes on P.E


I think that by the end of the school year the whole school will have about 5,600.


I can't beleave that much people had that much feet in the schoolyear.

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