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I think that was sweet. I can`t wait to get my second foot.


This project is a great way to get exerise. I have 1 foot going on my next. I'll probably get it in my next 2 classes.


I have one too!


I have not gotten one yet.I can't wait until I have one.


I like the necklaces. I am getting close to another foot.


I have a foot, but it was hard to get it. I walked all my time in P.E.once I am really glad that i had earned my foot.


I have learned alot about the pedometers to. I have also steped 10,000 steps and got my neckles and my foot. I am also trying to work hard for my next foot and I think that other people are to.


I've already got my necklace but I've got a hand and three feet.It was easy getting the feet.


P.E is a phisical exersise.P.E is a healthy thing it helps to get fit and healthy.Canavay helps with stretching.I hope that nobody will get teased because they are a little over weight.


P.E. is fun, but it is more fun with the pedometers and the neckalaces.

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