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This is Great for someone that is in heat at any time. I was playing tennis many years ago and found that I overheated and became very faint and dizzy. We have also worked in very hot closed in areas and have found that you need lots and lots of water to keep hydrated. A lot of times people don't realize even through perspiration that they are losing a lot of their body fluid. Thank you for giving helpful guidelines in staying cool and healthy.


Hi Mrs. Roper, I've never had a haet stroke because I always drank water when I played outside. I can do soccer,football,catch,a bit of basketball, and I really love RACING! I'm always in the mood to race. Sometimes I have to drink some Gatorade or some Powerade to be energized. In the Gatorade bottles it shows you can do some more things with Gatorade than with water. So, i drink them both.
My motto is: Always love SPORTS!Yeah!


I like drug free. Drug free is very helpful.

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