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January 2008

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January 31, 2008


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Mrs. Meeler

Hey Oscar! This is a great first post! You forgot to tell me about the things you don't like and about your family. I don't like having to wake up so early to come to school. Do you? I have a husband and a daughter and a dog. Do you have any pets?


I don't like to wake up either and I am going to get fishs over the weekend.

Mrs. Meeler

Hey Oscar! Did you get any fish over the weekend? I have never had any fish before. My daughter had one at her grandparents house though. She loved feeding him. She named him Fred.


Hey Oscar! I really enjoyed reading your blog. Aren't we lucky to have a technology teacher like Mrs. Meeler to help all of you with your very own blog. You did a great job telling your readers about the things you enjoy, but what are some things you don't like? Do you have any brothers or sisters? Keep up the good work!

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