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January 31, 2008


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Hey,girl that about th choclate drumstick sound funny! I did not under stand it.


hey about the drumsticks that you did not understand i like those food.see you in the morning.


I really loved your weblog!Do you like going on the computers at school? Well doyou want to be friends? cu later

Mrs. Meeler

Hey Graciela! You did an excellent job on your paragraph. You included a lot of good information. What are chocolate drumsticks? I don't think I have ever had any before. I am glad you like computers and technology! What is your favorite thing to do on the computer?


my favorite thing to do on the computer is go on the internet and play grammer quest also i like to go to google to tamagathi connection.i loved your comment thankyou mrs miller.also you are the bestest technology teacher.also have you read dianas blog.when are we coming back from the break.are we getting active boards. sincerely, graciela pimentel

Mrs. Meeler

Grammar Quest is a fun game! I'm glad you like it. I have read Diana's blog and she is doing a great job. I'm not sure about the activboard. I hope you get one soon in your room but they cost a lot of money!


How come you don't like pretzels?

Mrs. Poole

Hi Graciela! Wow, you have gotten a lot of comments to your blog! Isn't it fun reading all the comments! I wish we could put activboards in every classroom. But you will definately have one in your fifth grade classroom next year! Keep up the excellent work!


hi dajsa how are you doing.i loved your blog.well i love $

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