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January 31, 2008


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Mrs. Meeler

Hi Vicente! What is Triple H? I have never heard of it before. Soccer is fun to play, but you have to be in really good shape.

What is your favorite subject in school? Who is your favorite teacher?


Hi TripleH. is a wrestler. My favorite subject is Math.My favorite teachers are Ms.Rikard and Ms.Babin.

Mrs. Ross

Hi Vicente! Reading your post made me smile this morning. My son liked to watch wrestling when he was your age too. I don't really know a lot about it though. Did you get a chance to go to the book fair last week? Wasn't it cool that it was all on a bus? Keep up the good work!

Ms. Frascatore

Hello Vicente! How are you doing? I have read your blog-something that made me smile was that I too used to watch wrestling with my brother. But back then it was the WWF...I hope that you are doing well in school. Keep up the good work!

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