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January 28, 2008


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Mrs. Meeler

Hi Paige! This is a great paragraph about you. I didn't know you liked to play football. I love sports too and I used to play football when I was your age too - just for fun though, not on a real team. I didn't like playing tackle, just 2 hand touch. Who do you play football with? Do you ever get hurt? What kind of pets do you have? I just have one pet. He is a yellow lab named Trooper. Keep up the good writing!


Paige i like your all a about me.Why do you like A+?


Hi Paige! It seems like you really enjoy school. My son is in 3rd grade too. He likes school, but third grade has been his hardest year yet. He has to work really hard to make those A+! What are DLPs?

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