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January 28, 2008


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You this good things about smmoking not to do it.

Mrs. Poole

Hi Juan! I am so excited that you have your very own blog! I like money too - I think everyone does. In order to make money when you grow up, you need to get your education so you can get a good job. What kind of job do you want to have when you grow up?


When I grow up I whant to be teacher. I whant to teach cildren how to read.


Hi juan, i loved your paragraph! i also love maney! And I enjoy playing soccer too! N-e ways I loved the way you said that smocking is bad wellBYE!!!

PS comment on my blog!

Mrs. Poole

Juan - you will make a great teacher one day. Maybe you can come back to JHH and teach here!


I don't understand what kind of soccer team you go for do you have any scoccerthings like asoccer ball what coler isyour shirt

Ms. Frascatore

Hello Juan! I have enjoyed reading your blog. I too do not like smokers-it is bad for your health and it makes people smell funny.

I am in NY at my parent's house. It is very cold up here and I can't wait to come back home. I have spent a lot of time with my family-my niece and nephew are getting so big!

I bet you can't wait for the warmer weather to come. That way you can go outside to play soccer. Are you in an indoor soccer league?


Why do you like money?

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