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January 28, 2008


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Why do you sleep down stairs?

Mrs. Poole

Marco - this is an excellent post! I really enjoyed reading about you. I love math and reading too. What is your favorite book?


your blog is cool i really like the green.


Junnhan- I sleep down stairs because if I could miss the bus.

Mrs.Poole-my favorite books are the Spiderwick Chronicals.


keyshawn-I realy like the army at the top,it's preaty cool!


What kind of computer games do you like?


I guese i am out of my mine.by the way what is your favorite cartoon?mine is chowder he is funny.


Hi Marcos! I really enjoyed reading all about you! Keep up the good blogging!

Ms. Frascatore

Hello Marcos! I have enjoyed reading your blog. I I too like reading-my favorite books are mystery books. I used to not understand baseball either-it wasn't until I became a teacher that I finally learned what an inning was! Now I like to watch it in person (not on television though because it is boring).


Ms.Frascatore i like to go to a game to seea baseball game.

Ms. Frascatore

Hi Marco! Have you ever been to see a baseball game in person? I used to go and watch games when I was in school (high school). Then in college I went to Yankee Stadium to watch the New York Yankees play. It was so much fun...but I think the best part was the seventh inning stretch-that's when all of the fans stand and stretch while the grounds keepers rake the infield.

How are things going for you? It was great to see you all when I was there to visit. Hopefully I will be able to do that again before the end of the school year. If not, I hope that you enjoy your summer and read lots of great books!

Ms. Frascatore

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