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January 31, 2008


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Mrs. Meeler

Hey Vannesa! I am so glad you are in Eagle Club now. You are a really good writer too! I can't believe you don't like fast food. I really try not to eat it either because it is so bad for you. Have you ever tried Quiznos? If you like Sub Way, I bet you would like Quiznos and Blimpie too. We have a sandwich place called Jersey Mike's in the town where I live and it is pretty good too!

Is spelling your favorite subject? You should keep practicing so you can enter the spelling bee in fifth grade!


Mrs. Meeler - spelling is my favorite subject because it is the easiest subject. It would be cool if I entered the spelling bee.

Mrs. Meeler

Well keep practicing and you may be our 2008-2009 JHH Spelling Bee Champ!

Mrs. Poole

Hi Vannessa! I enjoyed reading your post! What is your dog's name? I have a dog too. His name is Hudson and he goes almost every where with us!

Ms. Frascatore

Hello Vannessa! I just wanted to say good for you-I don't like fast food either. It is not very good for you...and I HATE onions as well. I hope that you are enjoying the rest of your year in 4th grade. I can't believe the year is almost over already-wow how time flies! Keep in touch...


Ms.Frascatore fourth grade is passing by really fast. I wish you could come back and be our teacher again. Everyone is wanting you to come back! I understand your sick but we all miss you alot. I heard that your coming to visit but, we are not going to be here when you visit. Just to be honest, you are the best teacher I have ever had. Our substitute right know and for the rest of the year is Mrs.Bacon. Her face reminds me of you. I hope you write back Ms.Frascatore!

Ms. Frascatore

Well I guess the surprise was on you-you were there when I came to visit school. It was very nice to see all of you-I miss everyone so much. I didn't realize how much I missed you all until I was actually in the classroom.

I hope that you are enjoying your vacation. I know that the weather has been nice-so hopefully you're outside getting the fresh air and exercise!

Keep working hard and continue to do your best. Remember our deal about the 25 books!!! I hope you are reading!

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