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January 24, 2008


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Mrs. Poole

Hi Justin - you really included a lot of details in your paragraph. What is dragonballz, Naruto, and Billy and Mandy? Are they video games or TV shows? I would love to see some of your drawings some time. Maybe you could even scan them and post them to your blog. I bet Mrs. Meeler can help you do this!


Dragonballsz is a tvshow and a game.Billy and Mandy is tv show.Naruto is a game and a show.


hay justin i sleep in my bedroom.


Justin you like alot of stuff. I like ribs to and pezzas.

Mrs. Meeler

Hi Justin! I had fun reading about the things you like. Do you like to read? Did you go to the book fair? If so, what book did you buy?

Ms. Frascatore

Hello Justin! How are your socks doing? I hope you are doing well. Bet you are excited about the warmer weather coming soon-its snowing up here in New York and its only 29 degrees! I can't wait to come back...


My socks are fine and stiny Mrs. Frascator.


My socks are fine and stiny Mrs. Frascator.

Ms. Frascatore

Well I saved some special socks just for you and I will bring them to you when I get back to Georgia! It was great to see you-and the rest of the fourth graders.

I hope you are enjoying the weather and school vacation. It must be nice to not have to get up early and go to school-but hopefully you're practicing your math and reading!!!

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