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Have fun at the pumpkin patch.When I did it was fun.Your first field trip is your best.


I remeber my first time I learned about fire saftey. I then wanted to be a fire fighter but now it seems to scary.


mrs . dugas I thinnk that the kindergareders learn howw to escape of fiers and I want they have fun in the pumkin trip.


I know that you will have alot of fun at the pumpkin patch. I also know when they come to tell you about fire safty. I liked it when we were learning about it .



How was your trip yesterday?Are you doing good over there?Are you fine?


I hope you and your students had a great day at the Pumkin Pach !! It is also nice that the fight fighters are comig to your class.


I think it's great that the fire department will teach your class all that stuff. I remember doing that in your class.


I remember when I went to the pumkin patch. i got a big pumkin. My mom said that she cooked it, and it was good. I also learned about fire safety. Now it's stuck in my head.

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