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Bronwyn G

In Britain and Europe lotteries are legal and indeed state-supported, as they are in Australia. I think the US is pretty unique in having an illegal lottery. I think also they should stop having lotteries over the Internet as they can get vulnerable people trapped into gambling.

Anne Davis

What an informative post! You certainly covered a lot of information and I enjoyed reading it. I think there are pros and cons to the lottery. The biggest pro is the funding provided for education. It can be a very controversial topic. I like the fact that you will write your opinions as well as provide other facts. If you should ever win a lottery, put enough aside to pay for your future education! Would you like to attend college in the future? Keep up the good work!
Mrs. Davis


Mrs. Davis,
Yes I would like to attend college in the future. When I grow old enough to go to college I will try to go. I want to get a good education.


You slap

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