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Bronwyn G

Hi Diana!

I think almost everybody is shy when they do podcasting. You did very well, I think, you and the whole class.

Your interview choice is great too. I'm sure Graciela would be a personable speaker. What about interviewing one of Graciela's friends, one who maybe feels like a bit of an outsider and likes to feel important?


Diana I also think it woiuld be very cool if we got to podcast people.

Mrs. Meeler

I agree with Brownwyn that everyone (well except Jason and Derrick) is a little shy when it comes to their first podcast.

Keep thinking about who you would interview and some questions you would ask them. We will post on this real soon!


Diana, I have heard Wisin and Yandel's music, I would also like to interview them. Dou you like any other kinds of singers?

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