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Bronwyn G

Mexico must have been an outstanding cultural experience for you. It's always great to visit another country up close, Diana.

(Is that why you haven't been blogging? Because you were on holiday in Mexico?)

Welcome back to JHH and what a great story about your Christmas and New Years' Eve. Very often in Australia we can't really have fireworks because the weather is too hot and around New Years' Eve there are often total fire bans.

I liked hearing about your presents too. Could you describe your clothes in more detail? If you're not naturally vain, it could be torture. I like the detail you put in about the balloons popping. The five senses are very important in writing, and then you have a sixth sense of how to please your reader.

You pleased me, Diana. Thank you.

Mrs. Meeler

Diana - we definately missed you when you went to Mexico. Did you know you were going to be there for so long when you left for Christmas? It must be hard missing that much of school when you are gone. Have you had a hard time catching up with your work?

So, you talk in Spanish the whole time you are in Mexico? Then you come back here and talk in English. Is that difficult?

How many of your relatives live in the United States?

Would you rather live in Mexico or in the United States? Why?

Answer these questions when you continue your post next week!


I know you went to Mexico because I saw you there.Last New Year's I was in Mexico.Fireworks are really popular in this time of year.


I am so happy you came back from Mexico. I was sort of lonely on Thursdays because Allie and Rocio were at challenge.


No Mrs.Meeler I was only supose to stay at Mexico for three weeks but we lasted almost one month over there. Some of my family live here but most of them are in Mexico. I would rather live in Mexico because I have more of my family over there and I have more friends over there too.


I have lots of talents for your info

Mrs. Meeler

Well, I hate to hear that you would rather live in Mexico but I understand. My whole family lives here in Georgia. In fact, we all live in the same town. My husband and I considered moving one time but then decided we would rather stay with our family. I know you miss your family and friends in Mexico, but now you get to have even more friends that live here too. Hey - do you think your friends and family could read your weblog in Mexico? They would have to have an internet connection and access to a computer. If so, call them and tell them how to read and comment to your blog.

Mrs. Meeler

Derrick - what talents are you talking about? Where did this comment come from?


I am glad that you have a lot of talent for my info. Thank you Derrick.


Mrs.Bronwyn G. yes I was not doing weblog for a while because I was in Mexico. I am so glad that I pleased you.

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