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Mrs. Meeler

This disaster reminds me of Hurricane Katrina's devastation of New Orleans and the Tsunami in South Asia. I feel like more and more of these disasters are occurring. Do you know what may be causing all of these natural disasters?

Mr. Brune

Two students in my class had relatives that live in Guatamala and were affected by this storm. They are OK but they were certainly scared!
I am very impressed by your writing. Some of my students read the same article. Your summary and reaction is VERY detailed. Well done! We will visit your webpage a lot this year!

Mr. Brune


I also wrote about the stan in Guatemala. I think it is a disaster because they put two cities to be semitery's and I am also from Guatemala.


Did you know that i am from guatemala.good thing my grandpa and grandma dint die.they didnt get hurt.where are you from?it was a big disaster.


I also wrote about Central America and that it was hit by Hurricane Stan unfortunately my family is ok also. I am for Guatemala


This is very good writing full of numerous details. I can see improvement in your writing. Keep up the good work!

I think we need to keep thinking of ways to help the people who have suffered in this tragedy. I think your writing about it helps because it informs people about what is going on in the world.

Do you think you might be a reporter when you grow up or an author? Writing can lead you explore many interesting career possibilities. Don't you agree?

Mrs. Davis


Good job I think this is a good blog that created


you did a terrific job.

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