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I too care alot about my family they are always there when I need them.If I feel sad my sister is always there to make me smile.Who's job is that in your family?


Hi Diana,
I love that so many of you JHH bloggers care so much about your families. JHH is full of caring students and teachers who all come from caring families. It makes the world a wonderful place.

I could not pick just one that I care the most about but I would say all the members in my immediate family. That includes a lot!

Graciela's comment is interesting. Can you think of other jobs like making people smile that some of your family members take on ? Do you have a job that everyone assumes you will do for the family like Graciela is talking about?

Mrs. Davis

Yoceline L.

Wuz up????? Well it is real good that your considere your family the most important thing in your life, I do too. Keep up the good work and say hey to Mrs. Davis

P.s.I use to be in the group too,two years ago in 5th grade


I really liked this post. I love my family a whole lot,too. Sometimes they really drive me crazy but I don't know what I would do without them. I have two brothers and two sisters and most of the time it's my job to make sure they are smiling. My son Zachary is that person for me. He always makes me laugh when I'm feeling lousy. Keep up the good work. I'm so proud of all the work the JHH bloggers have been doing.

Mrs. Hooper

Diana, I certainly enjoyed reading your blog about your family. I can tell that you love your family very much. You are becoming a very good writer. Keep up the good work!

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