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Diana I hope you like being in the weglog I hope you have fun too.

Mrs. Meeler

With hardwork and dedication, I know that you will be amazed at what all you will accomplish on your weblog. Math is definately a fun subject in school and one that is very important in the real world. So, do you think you will use math or writing more in your future career? That depends on what you want to be when you grow up.


I did like your poster that you made it was very interesting .


I did like your poster that you made it was very interesting .


Welcome to the world of blogging, Diana. I want you to know that I am impressed with your very first post and look forward to reading many more. I'm also delighted that you love to write. What are your favorite writing topics? One of my favorite writing topics is what I'm learning about blogging!

Mrs. Davis


I can't believe you, me, and Marisela are going to be together for the rest of the year.i can see that you are going to enjoy every minute of weblogging of course i will to.enjoy you weblog.


You and I have something in commen. We both love writing and math. I bet if we could meet each other we would be best friends forever.

Ms. Roper

Diana, you are a perfect match for weblogs. Your love for writing will shine for all to see!


Thank you so much for the comment that you wrote me. I can not believe it eather that you,Marisela,and I are going to be togeter for the rest of the year.


Keep up the good you one of the best writers

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