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Bronwyn G

I'm glad you try hard in maths. Jadae is really good at maths, so she thinks. It's hard to assess our abilities in these things. I like my vocabulary and word choice because it makes me me, and I like the way I can stick it out over a long piece of writing. I like myself when I am being kind and considerate towards other people who are writing too, and I like my ability to make friends all over the world!

Mrs. Meeler

I am athletic and enjoy being physically active. I also enjoy reading and of course blogging!

Derrick - look at your very last paragraph. What do you think is wrong with it? If you could write it over, how would you rewrite it?


My singer is Mariah Carey.

Bronwyn G

Mine too, Angel!

Did you like her latest, "We Belong Together?"

Anne Davis

Hi Derrick,
I enjoyed reading your revised post. I also really was amazed and pleased at all the very kind and interesting comments you have been leaving on your classmate's blogs. You are a good commenter as well as a good blogger. Are you ready for another podcast? If so, what topic or question do you think would be of interest for others to hear?

Mrs. Davis

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