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Mrs. Meeler

Yes, occasionally I have a bad day. Fortunately, most days are good though.

I remember when I was young (like in 2nd or 3rd grade) one of my older sister's friends played a trick on me. She had me believing that no one liked my sister and she was only friends with her because she felt sorry for her. When I started getting upset, she laughed and said she was just playing. But I didn't think it was too funny and neither did my sister.

I liked the use of your idioms in your story. I hope you will continue to use idioms in your writing all the time now.

One thing I did notice is that you didn't use correct punctuation with your dialoge. Remember the help Brownwyn G. gave you about using quotation marks (")? We will go over this in detail in class.

Keep up the good blogging!


Yes,I had a very bad day like that before. Don't you just hate it.


I would hate to take a nap at my friend's house. I would also be mad if my friend pretended to be sick.


I've had very many days.that were bad for me. Some were when my family didn't celebrate my birthday.Some when it rained when I wanted to play outside. Some when I play one of my PS2's and the power turned off when I was on the last level.And some when a family member couldn't come home one day. There is always a bad thing waiting for me each day.

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