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Bronwyn G

In Australia we have never had super-sizing, so that doesn't affect us. When we have McValue meals, the burgers stay the same, but the chips and drink get bigger.

Have you tried the variety of healthy options at McDonalds? I almost always get a salad. They are beginning to have healthy breakfasts too, which is good, because I didn't think much of the classic Hash Brown. Or the bacon and eggs.

I try not to overeat McDonalds (or any fast food) because of the money and because it might not be good for me with all the processed food.

Mrs. Meeler

What are your thoughts about this Derrick? You did a good job giving us an overview and the title is great. But I want to also know how you feel about super sizing and whether or not fast food restaurants should offer it? Do you eat at McDonalds' alot? Do you feel like super sizing the meals is causing childhood obesity? Remember your ideas and content! What is your message.

P.S. Where is the link to the article?

Ms. Roper

Wow! I did not realize McDonald’s was down sizing! Great information...
But, I would love to know what you think on the subject Derrick.
Is it McDonald’s fault that America is suffering from this obesity epidemic as the CDC has described it? Or have they and other fast food restaraunts just become the scapegoats of an even larger problem?
I visited McDonald’s website and was surprised to see the amount of information on their website about nutrition and fitness. It was also interesting to see the variety of menu choices they offer in different parts of the world.
Could it be that they are just selling the American public what they want?
I might have to post on this subject too!


Thanks Ms roper I think it is not Mcdonalds fault. People should just watch what they eat

Bronwyn G

I agree, we should always watch what we eat.

One way we can do that is to control our intake at social situations like parties. Another way is to be aware when we eat because of the way we feel. When we are sad or angry we may eat more.

Thank you, teachers, for the great comments. Especially Ms Roper, about mentioning how Maccers gets into the world consciousness. I don't think there's a country who doesn't have a McDonalds around it or isn't developing one.

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