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This a nice good story but work on the main part of the story.Get it started excited but it is good.


You ought to stop bragging! I like the story,it is real exciting.

Mrs. Meeler

Derrick - it is always nice to be a hero in the game. This reminds me of my high school softball play off game when I made a shoestring catch to save our win. I'll never forget the excitement and cheers. Sometimes, we have to let our teamates be the hero of the game as well. It may be difficult to be a team player sometimes when we want all the attention and action, but we have to remember what is best for the team! Can you think of a time when your teammate was the star? Were you supportive?

PS - Keep up the good writing. Remember to use those descriptive words and to paint a picture!

Ms. Roper

Derrick – Your writing is great! It is so descriptive that it made me think I was at the game watching you make that wonderful catch!
I have to agree with Mrs. Meeler. It is great to be the hero of the game. You’ll never forget the feeling of being on top of the world – having everyone cheering for you. I can still remember hitting my 1st homerun over the fence when I was in 5th grade. It was awesome! My softball team won by one run that night. But I can also remember the times that I didn’t play so well. We can all have bad days or bad games. My teammates kept me positive and confident even when I messed up. They are my heroes because they would not let me give up! Do you think you can be the type of hero that helps you team win the game and instills confidence in your teammates?


Yes I am the type of person who cares and gets my team fired up thanks for commenting


Mrs. Meeler thanks for commenting one time my friend made the winning shot of our championship game after that we celebrated and that time I was supportive

Mrs. Hooper

Derrick, I really enjoyed reading your blog about being a hero. You used such descriptive language that I could almost see what was happening during the game.
It must be a wonderful feeling when you become the hero. Hold on to that feeling when things aren't going so well for you, and you'll be able to accomplish whatever you set you mind to do.

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