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This comment made think about how much fat luches have in them. i think that you made a really good point on how people should take care of themselves and think about how much fat is going in their bodies. those percentages are really high and i think that the luch people should think about other good,healthy school lunches to give out!


I agree with you on the whole fatty lunches. I mean at my high school we have the choice of eating pizza everyday. Then the parents and adults wonder why so many children are over weight and insecure about their bodies and want to stave themselves.I believe that the schools should take more responability and start giving us students more healthy lunches!


This is important to me because I love to eat healthy.I think that eating healthy is fun and that you get great things out of it.Kids today are not learning how to eat healthy because they think foods that are not healthy taste better than food that are. French fries and pizza are great things to eat but, eating them every day is not,why not add a salad and an apple to your lunch to make the lunch healthier. Try to eat a variety of foods instead of foods that are high in fat. I wish kids these days would eat better things and see that eating healthy is not bad or untasteful. What kinds of food do you like to eat and do you like healthy foods?


Thank you very much!

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