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Mrs. Meeler

I think you are right - we are going to do the impossible with weblogs this year! With a great group of students like you, anything is possible!


Hi Derrick,
I love that you love to write! You will get a lot of chances to do just that on weblogs. I once gave an inservice titled "Weblogs - the Possibilities Are Limitless" so I sure do agree with you that anything is possible!! I also love when students and teachers can have good conversations and share opinions so I have a question for you to think about and give your opinion.... What do you think you would like to make possible for others to understand through your writing?

Mrs. Davis

Ms. Roper

Derrick you will be doing what you think is impossible by the end of the year. You are going to learn so much in weblogs! Keep up the good work ~ I'll be checking in on your blog.


Thanks for commenting.What I what to make possible is writing.People I know alot of people who get discourge because their writing is bad.Before I was a horrible writer but I pracitced and I got better at it.What tring to say is don't give up because hope is yet to come

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