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I think bullying should stop. Bullies sometimes don't realize that they're hurting the victim's feelings and making them feel bad.


HI!I think bullying is bad and good. It's good because we get to stand up to the bully.


i think not being bullied is very important for everyone


Your right bullying is NOT ok. Nobody desirbes to be bullied at all. I had 2 people who bullied me.First it was around 4 years ago , I went to a Day Care Center near the school. A boy from another school made fun of how I spoke. Finally after 2 weeks I told my mom and she let me quit the Day Care Center I went to and that Really help. The 2nd was in 2nd grade a boy in Mrs. Lowes class always called me names and got people not to like me any more. I told my teacher and my mom but I had to deal with it. If you want you can tell other kids about what happed to me and tell them what they shoud do when somone bullies them. I mean it is like I said Nobody desirbes to be bullied at all. What you are doing is great. Keep it up!


Mrs.Halloran I think that everyone should be nice to other kids because it is not nice to treat others to do all of the bad work for them so,they should be safe at school.


Sometimes on the bus there is a girl that is always trying to make me feel bad. I try to ignore her. I tell my sister, but she never helps me solve my problems. If I told on the girl. She would be mad at me.
She dooesn't bully me or anything, but one time I got some new shoes, I loved them so much, I really don't think they were the real Adidas, because the same girl said that 'they are so weird'. It hurt me a lot. That it caused me to ask all the girls in my class thatif my shoes were 'weird'. They all said no, that they were not ugly. It made me feel a bit better, but I still felt very bad. How can I tell her to leave me alone in a nice way? I 'm very glad she doesn't hurt my fellings in a very very bad way. She is starting to be a less bit grumpy. do you think she'll stop criticizing my clothes?


I really like having many friends who do not bully other kids. That way everyone has fun!!

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