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It is good that it was red ribbon week because it shows to stay out of drugs.You are always trying to tell people to stay away from drugs and that is good.Im always going to stay drug free!Even if people tell me to have some Im gong to say NO.


I loved your weblog about red ribbon week. I agree with you about drugs. they are bad for you now there are good drugs for you like the ones doctors give you.I'm glad you teach the kindergarten through 5th grade.Keep up the good work.


I read your weblog about drugs. I know drugs are bad.That is why I won't do drugs.I know some people say they won't do drugs,but they stil do them. I won't do drugs even if a friend tells me to!


Hi. It is true that drugs are bad for you. Natural High was true, it helped with a lot of things. Bye!!!


I loved wearing the red ribbon. I hope that we get some in middle school.I am thankful for you being our councelor


Dear Mrs.Halloran,
In your blog you said that people shouldn't do drugs and the red-ribbon is a symbol for kids not to do drugs. I think that is a great idea for us kids at J.H.House.

Michael Lerner

Educational giveaways with your school imprint or mascot helps to add some spirit and pride for your Red Ribbon Week message.


Red Ribbon Week is a great event to promote drug prevention in your community. Our site has many valuable resources for planning and implementing Red Ribbon Week activities.

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Made my life easier..thanks

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