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I love having friends. But to tell you the truth I see groups. There is one leader and like the subbsuite leader. For the boys in my class it is Jorge and Martin. For the girls in my class is Patrica and Celest.
Where my friends and I hang out we have no leader. We have nothing. We just like to be with one other.Is that what friends are all about Mrs. Halloran. O'h Andrew Sims it is like the boys live him out or something. Before I go I want to tell you my 5 best friends. First it is who I new all of my life Abby Bradford. As you know she is my cousin. 2nd is who I know since kingarnden Genny Jarrel. She dose not care that I have Tuner Syndrome. She just likes me for me. 3rd is Kerri Patterson. She is just like Genny. Last is Meghan Zulock. She is the same too.
Please help Andrew Sims I am really worried about him.


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