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Bronwyn G

I hope you give the second graders some good advice about how and why to blog. They have already written some great things and they need you to stretch them further. Are you up to the challenge? I hope so!

Bronwyn G

Think about times in your life when helping someone else has helped you.


I think that today will be a really interesting day. I will it will be fun but who knows but I think it will be. I hope that Mrs.Davis can help the second graders.


Miss Meeler I think that today will be a special day. Ever since the last time I saw Mrs. Anne Davis, I knew she was going to show us great ways to make our posts and comments much better. I hope that today she will help us with ou post. To make it POP up and be the best with as many details and similes as possible.


Anne Davis gives us lots of advice and makes our writing more creative.


Today will be a great day to blog. Ms.davis really does seem like a "Blogging Queen." What I mean by that is that she knows everything about webblogging. She also seems fun.If we do podcast again I may talk a little louder because you could barly hear me.

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