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Bronwyn G

Those are all great ideas, Hilary and JHH students.

(Hilary, is there a way you can get rid of the comment spam on some of the posts?)

Also, the reader can tell when the beginning and end are tight and the middle is flabby (for lack of a better word). Think of your writing as like a body. Your beginning is the head, and the end is the feet. That leaves a whole middle full of arms, legs, stomach, private parts, et cetera.

Am looking forward to seeing how you use the Six Traits. I will keep them in mind as far as I can while commenting. I will think about them for my own writing too. Let's see if they make a difference, it sounds as if they almost invariably do. Perhaps you can evaulate me too!

Hillary Meeler

Thanks for reminding me to delete the spam comments.

I love the analogy between writing and an actual body. We will definately use this to help us with our beginning, middle, and end organization.

Thank you for commenting to us! Your input and attention is making my students better writers!

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