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Bronwyn G

Thank you for using my analogy of the body, Hilary. It isn't a particularly original one, though. Who said analogies had to be original?

I also enjoyed Graciela's story. I enjoy all the stories and would like to know what happens next. Also, I would love to see what Derrick makes of my questions, and if Angel is using more formal language and is considerate of the Neville students.

How should writers answer question 5, do you think? Sometimes, pauses are very important in writing, particularly after you read a very intense text.

Bronwyn G

I hope the writing asesssment went well for all the students and especially the Webloggers. I am sure the work you have done since August will shine through, especially when you show what you have learnt. I wish you the best of luck. I know JHH students are very articulate about their testing feelings.

Mrs. Meeler

That is good point about question #5. It is a good thing when your writing makes people stop and think. In fact, that is what we encourage in our process of thinking. But when you start reading something and halfway through start to lose interest and then stop reading it, the ideas and content of the writing needs improvement. We will definately discuss this tomorrow! Thanks for pointing that out!

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