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I loved reading the article and I see some great thinking, writing and blogging going on at JHH. Congratulations!

Mrs. Davis


Congratulations on the CNet article! And great job on the blog! As a childrens writer, I'm always interested in how young minds are using technology and I am impressed.

Keep up the good work and I will be back again.

Liam O'Donnell

Josh Allen

Your story is very inspiring! I am looking into ways to do this with my own 5th grade class. Keep up the GREAT work!

Ms. Roper

I am so impressed with the JHH Bloggers! The CNET article was wonderful! I loved seeing everyone working so diligently.
Keep up the great work!
Congratulations to Mrs. Meeler as well. You have been an outstanding addition to the House family. The Bloggers are shining because of your dedication and hard work.

Beccy A.

hey, saw this site from the msn-cnet story. awesome idea, just wish my teachers had done the same thing. most high school kids love blogging. i've had a few myself, though i only keep up one. unfortunately enough, i know as an 18 year old, some topics in my blogs wouldn't be good reading material for some middle school kids.

nothing against you guys, i just know ya'll have a lot to learn.

but congratulations on this! i can only hope that by the time i have kids in school, blogging will be a widely used tool! journaling has always been good for english classes; this is just a more hi-tech, faster, and more effective way to do the same thing.



I really enjoyed reading your post. I am glad that you wrote stuff about my friends.

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