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I hope I am that person to know about rocks most!! Maybe my mom & dad can help me a bit.
I liked your animal projects.


No I do not know how Rockdale got it`s name? But I hope I find out.


No I don't know how Rokdale County got its name.Also I don't know how Conyers got its name.But I hope I find out.

Ms. Roper

I love the pet rocks! Are they difficult to take care of? What do you feed them?

I DO know the reasoning behind the name ROCKdale, but you have stumped me with Conyers. I can't wait to find out...


i thought the pet rocks are fasanating and i really what to know why Rockdale Couty and Conyers got their name


I realy like the animal projects that you did and they were very interesting.Some of them I thought were great, but others were kind of bad. The queston about Conyers and Rockdale was a very interesting queston.But I already knew about Rockdale. Conyers might remain a mystery though.

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