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jill baltzell

please send contact information for your fiber artist Mrs. Mavis Stevens. Maybe she would like to travel to Florence, SC for a residency in our k-4 school.

thanks, J. Baltzell

irene pérez

hi! I´m irene pérez, I´m interested in contact Jill Baltzell but I can´t find anything from her in the internet .. could you help me ?
I´m his son´s girlfriend so I want to write her an email as a surprise, I don´t live in her same city .. maybe it sounds silly but anyway, isn´t this an artistic blog ?!!! TO love is an art too!!!

Bob Weber Jr

Thank youfor all your efforts to bring art into childrens lives in an exciting and informative manner!!
I'm a a cartoonist. I do a syndicated newspaper comic strip for kids. Recently I created a blog to display artwork by kids. Under each child's drawing I post an encouraging comment. The site is www.kidcartoonists.com. I hope you will take a look, and pass it along to your students. Thanks!
Best wishes in the new school year,
Bob Weber Jr.

Art Courses

Thanks for this wonderful creation.

Canvas Art Lover

Wow. Wow. What a cool blog site. I really enjoyed reading about your topics. I will add you to my favorites. Thanks Sara

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