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Robbie QUinn

Thanks, Mrs. Anthos and the good people of JH House. I had a good time singing and playing music with you during my recent visit. It was a blast! I hope you will keep making art and music, and following your dreams!
Art Rocks,


Mrs. Anthos, I really liked Robbie Quinn's concert. It was alot of fun. I think it is very cool that he can be a singer and a an art teacher at the same time. A lot of people love his songs. I dod to. It would very cool if he came again.

rocio                                                                                        art

Robbie was a nice visitor.He sang great.


Well Robbie your music was beautiful and wath your painted. Most I liked the song you made to your douther was beautiful.I wish you can come back one day.Mrs Babin puts your side on class.come back


Well robbie I like your mucic I wish you would come back again so you would sing your songs again



I enjoy listening to Robbie Quinn.


I really enjoied Robbie Quinn's show. The comement about the cat bugged me, though. I hope to see a CD of his in music stores.


Ms.Mavis is my favorite sub.She is awesome.


robby is cool


I liked your song's Robbie. You
are a fantastic.


It was fun when you was here. Come again i will mail you every day. I love your soing the color wheel song was the best song of .All you is funny to.Bye for now .I will do some at home.


Robbie I loved your music and your art! I a speicaly loved COLER WHEEL.Can you come back? I have an signing book


I enjoy listening to Robbie

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